Staxe Usage Terms

Terms and Conditions

Please read the full document carefully and, if you agree to this new terms, click on the "I Agree" checkbox when investing in an event.

Terms of Service

STAXE AG Between Staxe and the User who subscribes this instrument, it has been agreed to enter into this contract for the Terms of Service for the website ("Contract" or "Contract of Use"), which shall be governed by the terms and conditions indicated below .

First: Background.

SilverBlock is a company that aims to provide a meeting space between those who want to invest their surplus resources, at their own risk, and those who want financing for the realization of events in various formats.

Second: Definitions.

For the purposes of this contract, as well as in the other contracts that are currently or successively signed between the parties, the words listed below, used in singular or plural, shall have the meaning indicated for each:

  1. Funds Receipt Act: it is the document that shows that the Investor has provided sufficient resources so that Staxe, in his capacity as agent, can comply with the purpose of the Special Investor Mandate, that is, so that, on behalf of and representing the Investor and at your own risk, invest in a particular Event.
  2. Authentication: means the action of accessing the Site as a Registered User by entering your username and password in the authentication section of the Site.
  3. Circle of Trust or COT: means a category of Investors that have already invested in one or more Events or that have been specifically invited by Staxe for such purposes and that will have special access to COT Events.
  4. Investment Commitment: means that the Investor accepted to make an Investment in an Event, but has not yet fulfilled its obligation to provide the principal with the necessary resources to comply with the purpose of the Special Investor Mandate.
  5. Password or Access Code: refers to, indistinctly, the alphanumeric combination, designated by the Registered User, which is registered in the Staxe databases, which is required for the Authentication.
  6. Account: means the instance of the Site to which the User accesses when authenticated, which corresponds to the personal page of the User Registered in the Site.
  7. Days: are calendar days, unless expressly stated otherwise.
  8. Event: means an Event, which has submitted a CrowdSale Investment Application by a Producer, has been accepted and published on the Site, as eligible to receive one or more investments.
  9. COT Event: means an Event that only a member of the COT has access to.
  10. Financed Event: means that an event has been financed through Staxe, but is the Event itself is yet to happen.
  11. Closed Event: means that an event was funded through Staxe and the Event itself has already happened in the past
  12. Festivals: means those events that contemplate the presentation of more than one Artist/ Performer/ Speaker/ Host
  13. Investment: means the contribution to the financing of an Event that an Investor makes through the Platform.
  14. Investment in Festivals: Investment in the Festival will be understood independently of the Artist/ Performer/ Speaker/ Host that are presented.
  15. Investor: means any Registered User, whether natural or legal person, empowered to invest, through the Platform, in Events registered by Producers.
  16. Investor Liquidation: means the document through which Staxe informs the Investor (s) of the final result of the Event, and also accounts that the Result has been transferred to the Investors.
  17. Producer Liquidation or Producer Liquidation Act: means the document by means of which Staxe informs the Producer of the final result of the Event, and also, the sum that the Producer must transfer to Staxe as a deputy for payment and collection, respectively.
  18. Special Investor Mandate: means the special, irrevocable and remunerated mandate that the Investor confers upon Staxe so that on its behalf and at its own risk, it makes an Investment in a particular Event.
  19. Special Producer Mandate: means the special, irrevocable and remunerated mandate that the Producer grants to Staxe so that, on its behalf and at its own risk, it carries out, through the Platform, the lifting of Investment for an Event in particular.
  20. Ticketing Mandate: means a commercial and irrevocable mandate by virtue of which the Producer instructs the Ticketing partner to pay the Result to Staxe, the latter in his capacity as deputy for the collection and payment, respectively. The fact that the Ticketing Partner did not accept the assignment mandated, does not free the Producer of the rights and obligations that correspond to him in his capacity as such. It is the Producer's responsibility that the Ticketing partner accepts the order.
  21. Maximum Tickets according to Model by City: means the amount of Tickets set in the Business Model for a particular city.
  22. Business Model: means the terms and conditions for a particular Investment, which include especially, but not limited to, Minimum Profitability, Maximum Profitability, Fixed Profitability, terms, Balance Point, minimum amounts of Investment and Perk benefits.
  23. Producer: is a natural or legal person, who through a Registered User with sufficient power to represent it, requests the role of Producer and that once accepted by Staxe, is empowered to obtain, through the Platform, financing of their Events registered in the Site, on behalf of the Investors.
  24. Coinpayments: means the means of payment provided by Coinpayments Inc., which will be governed by its own terms and conditions, which must be known and accepted by the Users.
  25. Breakeven: refers to a threshold for the number of Tickets Issued in which the Investor recovers 100% of his Investment. If the amount of Tickets Issued is below Breakeven, the Result is negative. On the contrary, if the amount of Tickets Issued is above Breakeven, the Result will be positive.
  26. User Registration: means the process by which an Unregistered User proceeds to satisfactorily complete the registration procedure on the Site, obtaining a username and password.
  27. Result: means: a) the sum of money that corresponds to the Investor after an Event has taken place; and b) the amount of money that corresponds to the Investor, if the Event is not carried out.
  28. Fixed Profitability: means the flat or fixed rate that an Investor can obtain based on the Business Model, which does not depend on the amount of Tickets Issued or Breakeven. The rate will be expressed as a fixed percentage over the amount of the Investment. Whoever guarantees the Fixed Profitability is the Producer of the Event and not Staxe, which will be reflected in one or more promissory notes, and / or Checks that will be subscribed or drawn by the respective Producer. The Fixed Profitability offered by the Producer, nor the guarantee, do not make this type of Investment a risk-free instrument.
  29. Best Case Profitability: means the maximum positive profitability that an Investor can achieve in an Event. This is determined based on the Business Model and corresponds to a number of Tickets Issued over Breakeven in which the profitability stops increasing and becomes fixed, and that may be less than the capacity of the venue in which the Event will take place.
  30. Worst Case Profitability: means the minimum negative return that an Investor can achieve in an Event. This is determined based on the Business Model and corresponds to a number of Tickets Issued under Breakeven in which the profitability stops decreasing and becomes fixed and can be greater than or equal to zero.
  31. Variable Profitability: means when the Result depends on the amount of Tickets Issued, on or under, Breakeven, with the Maximum or Minimum Profitability being applicable.
  32. Site or or Platform: means the website, as well as the web platform owned and operated by Staxe, the other websites that comprise it and the contents that are available in your pages, currently and as they are modified from time to time.
  33. Investment Request: means the instance in the Site in which the Producer completes a form, and the one that, if approved by Staxe, is published in the list of "CrowdSale-Enabled Events" available in the Platform.
  34. Ticket: means an entrance to the Event for which the participants pay, regardless of whether it is subsequently used to attend the Event.
  35. Courtesy or Courtesy Ticket: means an entrance to the Event for which the attendees do not pay and which are effectively used to attend the Event.
  36. Tickets Issued: means the sum of the Tickets and Courtesies.
  37. Ticketing Partner: means the legal person, hired by the Producer of an Event for the sale of tickets or Tickets for the Event, as well as liable to inform Staxe about the process of selling tickets.
  38. User: means the natural or legal person that enters the Site, navigates in it and / or uses the services and / or the information contained in the Site.
  39. Unregistered User: means that User who has not completed the User Registration process, and who therefore does not have a User Name and Password. The Unregistered User can browse certain pages and contents of the Site, however, navigation through certain contents and sections is reserved only for Registered Users.
  40. Registered User or Member: means, indistinctly, any User who has successfully completed the User's Registration process on the Site, and who therefore has a User Name and Password to authenticate on the Platform.
  41. Venue: Physical location where a particular Event will take place.
  42. Paypal: means the payment gateway provided by Paypal, Inc, which will be governed by its own terms and conditions, which must be known and accepted by the Users.
  43. Staxe: means the joint-stock company individualized in the appearance, as well as the Site.

Third: Declarations.

The User declares and accepts:

  1. That the investment or investments made through the Platform are inherently risky, and therefore the result of these may involve gains or losses;
  2. That Investments with Fixed Profitability and / or Variable Profitability are not risk-free instruments.
  3. That within the risks indicated above, the cancellation of the Event stands out, and the delay or delay in payment by the Producer, which will always be attributable to the latter.
  4. That Staxe does not lend or provide financial or legal advice, regarding the Events or the Investments, or the risk assessment of the Producers, which is why, it is the Investors' account and risk, the adoption of the measures necessary to determine the convenience or not of making Investments;
  5. That Staxe does not directly or indirectly finance the Events;
  6. That Staxe does not guarantee, guarantee or guarantee in any way the obligations that the Producers assume in favor of Investors.
  7. That Staxe is limited to making available to the Users an electronic platform on the Site, in which Producers and Investors come together, acting from time to time, as agent of Investors, as well as representative of Producers, for the financing of one or more Events;
  8. That Staxe is not required to approve Investment Requests.
  9. That Staxe is authorized to cancel investment commitments, if the Producer does not offer sufficient guarantees.
  10. That the Investments materialized through the Site, are operations in which Staxe is not a party, but correspond to acts and contracts between a Producer and one or more Investors, in which the liabilities or obligations are of charge and exclusive responsibility of the respective Producer, which is duly supported in a promissory note or other debt title drafted by Staxe, in its capacity as agent of one or more Investors;
  11. That the sale of Tickets or access for an Event is made by an independent entity to Staxe and to the Producer of the Event, that is, the Ticketing Partner.
  12. That the social media and users of social networks can underestimate or overestimate the sale and / or issuance of Tickets or attendance at a particular Event. Also, that the Ticketing Partner is the only reliable source of information regarding the sale of Tickets, so that it will be the information that it provides in this regard, the only one that is taken into account for the Liquidation.
  13. That Staxe acts as a deputy for the collection of the debt assumed by the Producers in favor of one or more Investors, which is backed by a promissory note or other debt issued by Staxe, under the terms indicated above;
  14. That Staxe acts as a deputy for the payment of the Result of the Investments by the Producers;
  15. That due to the characteristics of the industry of musical events and festivals, the conditions of Investment of an Event are subject to changes due to circumstances that do not necessarily depend on the will of the Producer, in which case the agreement agreed in the eighth clause below will apply.
  16. That the investments are not subject to special regulations other than those contained in the common law that governs each of the acts and contracts that will take place between the parties, nor are they under the supervision of regulatory bodies, such as superintendencies or other specialized public or administrative agencies.

Fourth: Object of the Contract.

The purpose of this Agreement is to regulate the terms and conditions governing the use of the Site, as well as, in general, the relationships, rights and obligations that will be generated among the participants in the Platform, that is, Investors, Staxe and Producers.

It is expressly stated that this contract will be understood, for all the effects that may take place, an integral part of the agreements and contracts that jointly and successively are concluded between the aforementioned parties.

Fifth: Expressing Consent.

This contract will be perfected by electronic signature in accordance with applicable laws. From that moment, the User will be subject to obligations and will acquire rights, as applicable, all in accordance with what is indicated in this Contract.

Sixth: Contract Modification and specific agreements.

The modification of the Contract and specific agreements will always require the will of both parties. For these purposes, Staxe will propose the contractual modification and the User will have to accept expressly in the act or in the next time he enters the Site.

To access and use certain specific sections of the Site, Staxe may require acceptance by the User of certain specific terms and conditions additional to those contained in this Agreement ("Specific Agreements"), which will require prior agreement of both parts to take effect.

For these purposes, the same procedure will be followed as indicated in the preceding paragraph. The Specific Agreements may substitute, complete and / or modify this Contract. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and one or more of the contents of one or more of the Specific Agreements, it will be understood that the terms and conditions of the Specific Agreements will prevail over the terms and conditions of this Agreement, for said pages or specific sections, as long as the opposite is not stated.

Seventh: The Platform.

Through the Platform the User may access the following features:

  1. Creation and posting of Investment Requests, which are subject to the approval of Staxe.
  2. View the Investment Requests published by the Producers on the Site.
  3. Financing of Events.
  4. Invest in the conditions established for each Investment Request in the Events published in the "Events" section of the Site.
  5. Access information on the User profile, which in turn allows access to a list of active investments, closed investments, legal, tax and commercial documents signed and accepted on the Site.

Eighth: Investment Cycle.

An Investment may follow an ordinary cycle ("Ordinary Cycle") or an extraordinary cycle ("Extraordinary Cycle"). I. Ordinary Cycle:

  1. The Producer will make an Investment Request in the following terms: a. The Producer must complete the corresponding form electronically, which includes minimal information, as well as optional information. b. Within the minimum information, the Producer will define, if applicable, the Return rate, or Breakeven of the Event. The latter may be observed by Staxe in the event that it is inconsistent or because it does not adjust or does not seem to conform to reality. Also, you can report the budget for media guidelines. c. Once the form indicated above has been completed, it will remain in the "Validation State". d. Staxe will review the respective application, as well as the information and documents accompanied and will evaluate it in order to determine whether the request is approved or rejected. e. Staxe will be able to evaluate the legal background of the Producer (Incorporation, amendments and POA’s). Consequently, the evaluation does not extend to the solvency and financial risk of the Producer. f. In the event that the Request: i. Is approved: the Producer will subscribe the Special Producer Mandate and the request will be published in the Site Events list, being in a state of receiving financing. ii. Be rejected: the Producer will be informed of said circumstance, being entitled to re-apply. g. Notwithstanding that a request is approved, Staxe may remove it from the list of events on the Site, if it detects or discovers inconsistencies in the information provided by the Producer, or that it is erroneous, untruthful or unreliable or if the guarantees offered are not enough or not at all. In this case, any investment that has been made previously, will be without effect, understood expired any term that is pending and accelerated any unexpired debt, arrears may be charged up to the maximum conventional for non-adjustable operations for each day of delay, or the Profitability rate, whichever is greater, considering the Producer in arrears after 24 hours from the notification that Staxe makes for that purpose. h. The fact that an Investment Request is approved or rejected does not prevent the Producer from being able to make successive 2. 3. Investment: a. Once the Investor has made an assessment of the legal and financial risks of an Investment in a particular Event and decides to finance it, at his own risk, he will grant Staxe a Special Investor Mandate. b. The Investor, in compliance with its obligation established in applicable laws, will provide the agent with the necessary for the execution of the Special Investor Mandate, this is the necessary funds for the realization of the Investment, subscribing for the corresponding effect Fund Reception Certificate. c. In the event that the Investor, to provide the agent with the necessary assets for the execution of the Special Investor Mandate, uses Paypal: i. Considering the fact that the Special Investors Mandate is irrevocable, the Investor undertakes not to repudiate or request to invalidate the respective transactions, stating as justification the fact of having retracted his intention to finance the Event in question. ii. Only duplicate transactions can be rendered ineffective. d. Staxe, in compliance with one or more Special Investor Mandates, will consolidate the different investments made by one or more Investors, and will write a single promissory note or other debt instrument, in the name and on behalf of the Investor (s), by means of which, The Producer will guarantee or guarantee the return of the Investment and the Result. e. The Producer must confer the Ticketing Partner Mandate. f. All expenses, especially notary expenses, insurance premiums, as well as Stamp and Stamp Tax, will always be charged to the Producer. g. Liquidation of the Investment. i. Once the Ticketing Partner issues its report with the total sum of Tickets Issued, which includes sales and Courtesies for the particular Event, the Investment Result will be calculated according to the rules defined in the Special Investor Mandate, specifically in the Business Model ii. Staxe will issue the Producer's Liquidation and the Investor's Liquidation. iii. Once the Result has been received from the Producer, Staxe will proceed to transfer what corresponds to each Investor that has participated in the financing of the Event, prior acceptance of the Investor's Liquidation, which will be accepted within 48 hours, except that it is challenged in writing within that period. iv. Producer indebtness : If the Producer, by itself, or through third parties, does not return in time and form, to the investors, it will be for the simple delay constituted in default, and late interest will be accrued by the conventional maximum until The day of the cash payment. In the case of Fixed Return Events, the interest rate will be the Fixed Return rate. II. Extraordinary Cycle:
  2. If the Event is canceled, the Producer must make the return of the Investments without Result within 30 calendar days following the date on which the cancellation is determined.
  3. The SoftCap was not reached: If at the expiration of the date set in the Investment conditions, the Minimum to be collected has not been met, the Producer will be able to instruct Staxe to extend the date up to 7 consecutive days , in which case the conditions of Investment will be understood as modified by right, without it being necessary to subscribe a modification of the Special Investor Mandate.
  4. Change to investment conditions: a. Venue Change: The Producer may change the Venue of an Event in two situations: i. If it is that the new Venue has greater capacity than the original: 1. In this case, Breakeven will be maintained. 2. The sold out of the first Venue will be considered. 3. The investment conditions will be understood as modified by right, without it being necessary to subscribe a modification of the Special Investor Mandate. ii. If the new Venue has a lower capacity: 1. If 30 days before the date of the Event, less than 50% of the available capacity of this Venue has been issued, as a mitigation mechanism, the Producer may replace it with one of lower capacity. 2. Investment conditions will be understood as modified by full right, without it being necessary to subscribe a modification of the Special Investor Mandate. b. Additional dates: If an additional date is added to the one indicated in the Special Producer Mandate and in the Special Mandate Investors, the Tickets Issued from the second date will be added to those of the first date, provided that the dates are in the same city and up to the maximum of Tickets according to the Business Model in said city. In this case, these mandates shall be understood as modified in their entirety. c. Change of date: If the host changes the date up to 90 Days before or until 90 Days after the original date, the investment conditions will be understood as modified by right, without it being necessary to subscribe a modification of the Special Investor Mandate. d. Increase in Courtesies: If 30 days prior to the date of the Event, less than 50% of the Venue's available capacity has been issued, as a mitigation mechanism, the Producer may issue Courtesies up to 15% of the capacity del Venue, those that will not be considered Ticket Issued. It is recorded that the Courtesies issued during the Ordinary Cycle and over 15% of the capacity of the Venue during the Extraordinary Cycle, if and only if they are used to attend the Event, will be considered Issued Tickets.

Ninth: Fees.

The User must not pay to browse and access the information published on the Site. However, in the event that an Event is financed through the Platform, by one or more Investors, Staxe will be entitled to the following benefits:

The Investor will pay Staxe a fee for any event for a financed Event, that is, without considering whether the Result was positive or negative, up to: a. 1% of the investment, which will be transferred together with the investment. b. 1% of the Investment Result, which will be discounted by Staxe in the return of the Result.

  1. The Producer will pay Staxe the following fee: a. For Variable Profitability: i. At any event, equivalent to 1.5% per month of the amount financed by one or more Investors per Event. This fee will accrue from the issuance and subscription of the promissory note until the date of return of the Result to the Investor (s). ii. ii. A maximum equivalent to 35% of the Result obtained by the Investors, provided that the Result is greater than iii. or equal to the Investment. b. For Fixed Profitability: i. At any event, equivalent to 4% per month of the amount financed by one or more Investors per Event. This fee will accrue from the issuance and subscription of the promissory note until the date of return of the Result to the Investor (s). Tenth: Obligations of the User. The User is obliged to: 1. Comply with the applicable tax regulations. 2. Save reservation on the data provided by other Users.
  2. The Investors that are part of the Circle of Trust, must keep absolute reserve and confidentiality regarding the COT Events. Failure to comply with this obligation will entitle Staxe to: a. Remove the user from the CDC category, as well as your Site Account. b. Reject your registration on the Site.
  3. Safeguard your User Name and Password, which are your responsibility and exclusive use, having to make a correct use of them. Consequently, Staxe is not responsible for the damages generated to the User due to misuse by third parties of the Username and Password. In case of detecting misuse of your Username or Password, the User is obliged to give immediate notice to Staxe, by email addressed
  4. Know, accept and comply with the privacy policy of the Site.
  5. That all the information you provide to Staxe, personal, or of any nature, by any means, is truthful, reliable and verifiable. The User will be solely responsible for the damages and losses generated in case of inaccuracies in the information provided. Staxe is not responsible for the faults incurred by the User in this regard.
  6. To keep your personal information always up-to-date.
  7. To not copy, modify, reproduce, reuse, redistribute, republish, post or post the Site by any means whatsoever, including by way of example and not limitation, electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, among others. , without prior written authorization from Staxe. The access, download, transmission and printing of any content can be done by the user exclusively for purposes of personal use and only in relation to and in function of a correct use for the User of the services provided by Staxe through the Site. The User may not modify or make creations from part of the contents or all of them, which are published on the Site. On the other hand, the User may not reproduce a "mirror" site of the Site or part of it, keep it on other servers or publish it on the Internet.
  8. To use the Site, as well as its content, only for purposes that fall within the legal and regulatory framework, in accordance with morals and good customs, in accordance with public order and in accordance with this Contract.
  9. Not to distribute from the Site information, messages, posts or content that may be fraudulent, deceptive (including misleading advertising of other products or services outside Staxe), discriminatory, violent, threatening, harassing, defamatory, degrading, immoral, obscene or pornographic and in general, that could harm third parties and / or Staxe. In case of breach of this obligation, Staxe will be entitled to remove such information, messages, posts or contents from the Site.
  10. Not to distribute from the Site without the previous authorization of the owner information or contents that are protected by the laws of intellectual property.
  11. Not to use and / or hack the Site in any way that could damage, disable, deteriorate, affect or overload the normal use of the Site, its services and / or could affect the systems, platforms, software and hardware of Staxe.
  12. To not misuse passwords, either your own or those of third parties, as well as using accounts and / or personal information of third parties.
  13. To not monitor, copy or extract information from the Site, either using automatic or manual processes, especially but not limited, with the access to their databases and obtain distribution lists of emails, for any purpose.
  14. Not to collect from the Site data for advertising purposes.
  15. Not to transmit, upload, post, send by email or make available any promotional or advertising material and / or any type of communication for sale or other commercial purposes, which was not requested and does not have the prior authorization of the affected third parties.
  16. Not to transmit from the SPAM Site, chains of messages, junk mail or any other type of internal message and / or unsolicited mass email.
  17. The obligations to do or not do, contained in the preceding paragraphs, will be enforceable even in respect of their conduct on other sites or social networks in which Staxe participates, such as Facebook or Twitter. In case of non-compliance, Staxewill be entitled to delete the information or post. Eleventh: Requirements for Registration.
  18. Investors: a. For natural persons: i. Be of legal age; b. Have full management control over their assets; Y c. For Organizations: i. Be duly incorporated ii. Accompany complete copies of your legal and corporate background; Y
  19. Producer: a. For natural persons: i. Be of legal age; ii. Have full management control over their assets; iii. Have start of activities with commercial turn. b. For Organizations: i. Be duly incorporated ii. Be enrolled in the Tax Roll Only; iii. Accompany complete copies of your legal and corporate background, as well as those that are necessary for what is stipulated in subsection f below and in the following twelfth clause. Twelfth: Special Statements. The User declares, knows and accepts:
  20. That you know the technological nature of the Site and its content and that therefore, it is natural and inherently exposed to interruptions and / or unavailability, which are not necessarily under the control and responsibility of Staxe.
  21. That given the aforementioned nature, Staxe may, from time to time, voluntarily affect the availability of the Site, especially but not limited to, to carry out maintenance, both preventive and corrective, to update its content, to safeguard the security and integrity of the Site or for similar causes or purposes.
  22. That in response to what is expressed in the preceding paragraphs, Staxe does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Site and / or sections thereof. In the event of an interruption, Staxe will use its best efforts to restore the Site, without any obligation or liability for Staxe
  23. That errors, omissions, inaccuracies and / or falsehoods in contents published by its Users, registered or not, are the responsibility of their authors, and not of Staxe
  24. Any damage or loss to the User caused by faults in the Site, Staxe software and / or its systems, which are not attributable to Staxe, shall not be the responsibility of the latter.
  25. That the Site uses cookies, which consist of a technology implemented in the browser (software or program for access to a web service) that allows the server to remember information about users to facilitate browsing or interaction through a website or Internet portal. It is stated that this technology is not used by Staxe to read data from the hard disk of the Users, nor from the cookie files created by other Internet service providers. It is the User's responsibility to consult the instructions of their browser system, especially regarding configurations, where it is allowed to choose the functionality that communicates the existence of cookies and / or prevents the installation of cookies, if it is the User's desire. Without the access of cookies, the User can not access certain features of the Site. Consequently, if the user does not have cookies enabled, he may not have access to certain tools of the Site or may be affected by correct operation.
  26. That it is your responsibility to have anti-virus, firewall and / or other analogous systems, which must be permanently updated, so that any damage suffered by the User attributable to the lack of such systems or the lack of updating or suitability, will be charged to the User.
  27. That Staxe has the right and no obligation to monitor the Site, therefore it may, from time to time, monitor any information and / or suspicious behavior of Users, according to Staxe’s own criteria, to ensure the correct operation of the Site and to protect itself and other Users of the Site, regarding behaviors that could be fraudulent and / or infringe the rights of Users.
  28. That Staxe is not responsible for infringements of intellectual property laws incurred by Users, who have published or transmitted material from third parties that are protected by said laws. Likewise, in the event that Staxe in exercise of the right established in the preceding paragraph, detects the use of material protected by copyright, or that receives a request from its owner or a competent authority, it shall be empowered to eliminate your systems said content.
  29. Staxe will not be responsible in case of identity theft, that is, that Users use personal data of third parties to create accounts in Staxe. However, Staxe reserves the right to verify the accounts in a random manner, verifying the veracity of the information.
  30. That Staxe is not responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the information provided on third-party sites, accessible from existing hyperlinks on the Site, nor can it be inferred and / or interpreted that due to the fact of finding these hyperlinks on the pages of the Site, Staxe is recommending said sites, their content and / or services offered in them.
  31. That what is indicated in the preceding paragraphs is extendable to the staff, collaborators, directors and executives of Staxe.
  32. That authorizes Staxe to use the data provided by it to allow the correct operation of the Site, as well as, for the financing of Events, all this, in the terms allowed by Law 19.628, on the protection of personal data. Thirteenth: Expiration. This Agreement, while the Site is available, will be valid indefinitely, unless you exercise your discretion to terminate the Site, in which case the Users will be duly notified by any reliable means. Likewise, the User may terminate it at any time, after notifying Staxe Notwithstanding the foregoing, Staxe may terminate the Contract in advance in case of any breach of the obligations arising from this instrument, all without the right to compensation or payment, except for those that for any reason have accrued prior to the anticipated term, being able to compensate any debt or credit that the User has in favor of Staxe.

Fourteenth: Applicable law and domicile.

This Contract will be governed by the law of the Event Location. The parties set domicile for all legal purposes in the commune of their local countries, and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of justice with jurisdiction in said commune.

Last updated: 04.04.2021