Back artists.
Share in their Success.

Artists offer a share in their productions to the fans and fans, in turn, earn a share in the success of their favourite artists


What is Staxe?

Staxe brings artists and event organisers closer to their fans by allowing them to own a share in their productions and events.

The event tokens represent a share in the future revenue from ticket sales or royalties in the music production.

What is Staxe?
Be a partner in your favourite artists' productions

Be a partner in your favourite artists' productions

  • Support and connect with your favourite artists
  • Earn passive income
  • Collect limited edition NFTs
  • Get access to exclusive perks and content

Explore productions

Gain true fans

  • Gain a community of early supporters as true fans
  • Get a head start with an alternative source of finance
  • Offer exclusive content to your fans
  • Create value for your very own community

Register as an Artist

Gain true fans

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Merchandise signed by artists

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