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Offered Tokens

We offer two types of tokens to the fans


Artists’ music rights give you part ownership in their productions and with that, a part in the royalties or earnings that they receive from Digital Streaming Platforms (DSP) such as Spotify, live perfomances, license deals, etc.

Ticket revenue proceeds

Event organizers offer part ownership in their events in form of tokens. The tokens give the holders a stake in the revenue that organizers make from ticket sales. The revenues are split based on an already agreed upon contact with the organizer.

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Artist plans the production

To produce content or organise events, artists and promoters need advances to cover expenses such as payments to the artist/band, venue, suppliers, recording studio, sound engineer, etc. Until these costs are covered, they cannot start selling tickets or release a song. It is only when the production or event is completed that they see money coming in.

Artist puts the production on the DApp

To finance their productions, artists place a listing on the Staxe DApp. The DApp divides ownership of the content into tokens, which the artists keep and fans can buy through the DApp. Artists can also attach exclusive perks to the tokens such as NFTs, merchandise, private Discord access and more.

Fans buy the tokens

Fans can buy these tokens and receive the perks associated with them. Fans become part owners in the production. Wondering how you can buy tokens on the DApp? We have you covered!

Artist runs the production

With this financing, artists can meet their expenses and carry out their productions.

Proceeds go in the smart contacts

The proceeds from the productions go into the smart contracts. To learn more about where the proceeds come from, click here. The Smart Contracts are configured to split the proceeds based on the number of tokens held. Fans can redeem their tokens or claim royalties via the DApp.

Tokens unlock content by the artists

True fans and early supporters should be rewarded. Artists will create digital content that can only be unlocked by owning tokens, making owners an exclusive community.

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