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A platform to secure funding, liquidity and partnerships for live & creative productions
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Businesses, professional investors and brands are willing to invest in, lend money to or support creative productions that match their interests and strategy.  Learn how to raise funds seamlessly with Staxe:
Investors & supporters that accept your terms provide advance funds for your production. A new source of creative financing is here!
Staxe is the place to find investors and partners for your next production
How does Staxe work?
Choose your own terms and offer them to investors
Focus on creating. Not budgets
Fund your next production
with Staxe
Secure & transparent
Staxe mitigates the trust factor required engage in agreements with your investors and supporters by removing human interaction from the entire money flow. What is originally agreed goes though unalterable smart contracts that guarantee fair-play.

Review every transaction in directly in our app or on the Ethereum ledger.
Are you getting the most of all the resources available to your production? Our expertise in finance, production management, cultural grants & tax incentives, in addition to our global network, predicts and optimizes the profitability and success of your next production.

Build impact by adopting best practices and find the easiest channel through which support environmental and social causes within Staxe
Get it done -right-
Is your content relevant to specific brands? Find out with Staxe to collaborate and explore partnerships with businesses that value culture and creativity.

Further expand to building long-term relatioinships with brands & corporates and trigger network effects
Patners: corporates & brands
Build your custom strategy strategy. Choose from  adaptable options for funding your production:

i) funding in return for a % of profits of the project
ii) financing in return for a fixed interest rate
iii) Patronage, sponsorships and CSR agreements
Financing that adapts to your needs
More than financing. Discover the many benefits you unlock when planning your next production with Staxe

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